Version 2.1 Released! Bug Fixes & More

And after a few more weeks of working, play testing, and improving upon my own coding skills, version 2.1 is released! 

Version 2.1 Brings a whole host of bug fixes, including:

  • Touch Controls actually work as intended now, no longer will you be holding the run key and automatically start a conversation! 
  • Fixed miscellaneous character placements , took some characters out of corners and bad locations for reaching on toucb controls
  • Save and Load games work as intended, and you'll be notified if a save game is corrupted.
  • Letting fate choose your career is also functioning again, you won't be randomly assigned a highschool position if you choose a different career path

A whole host of other miscellaneous bug fixes are also included in this release. You can now also download an android app bundle for use on your personal device if you wish, rather than needing to re-purchase through the google play store. 

Happy investing & budgeting! 


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